28-Day Soul Ignition Program 

The path you are considering will lead you back to yourself, your true self. The 28-Day Program is broken down into four weeks, each designed to clear away inner and outer clutter that blocks us from living a life true to our Soul purpose.  Each week is connected to one of the four elements:  Air, Water, Fire and Earth. It is based on the belief that the same energy currents that are present in the four elements are present with in us.  When we connect with this energy we will find balance and harmony. 

  • Week One (Air) the focus is on clearing away mental clutter. 

  • Week Two (Water) is about purging all things, feelings and meanings from our past that do not serve or empower us. 

  • Week Three (Fire) helps us to reconnect to our spirit, our authentic self.

  • Week Four (Earth) is about our physical presence and finding balance between our inner and outer life.

Each day you will have a brief introduction to read (takes 5 minutes), three levels of exercises and an affirmation. You do NOT have to do all three exercises to get results.  If you choose to do level 1 only it will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Level 2, 20 minutes and Level 3 can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour or however much time you want to spend.  Some people have completed this program only doing Level 1 exercises daily and saw remarkable results unfold in their life. This program is NOT about completing the exercises. It IS about making the commitment to yourself to focus on who you truly are and to reconnect with your Soul's purpose.

If you miss a day you are encouraged to keep moving forward. If you want to go back and complete an exercise you can, anything you do with in the 28 days will bring more clarity and a deeper sense of purpose to you in ways that will amaze you.

While you are focusing on the program, I will email you daily with additional affirmations and suggestions for your day. You will need to get a notebook or binder for the exercises. This is a great program that encourages you to take time to breathe, notice and listen to the miracles in life.

The program also includes weekly 30-minute healing sessions with me, in addition to an introductory session at the time of registration.

Contact me here to embark on this amazing journey, and your first week of exercises and personal affirmation will follow.