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Jacqueline Smith-Leonardini is a clairvoyant, energy healer and certified soul coach. Formerly a high school teacher and educational consultant, Jakki experienced a spiritual awakening while traveling to Brazil to support a friend diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. As she turned her focus inward to begin her own wellness journey, Jakki’s intuitive clarity sharpened and her vocation as a healer emerged. Jakki has studied with internationally renowned spiritual teacher and author Denise Linn. She cultivated her skill as a clairvoyant and energy healer under the tutelage of Michael Bates, with whom she trained for several years in techniques developed at the Berkley Psychic Institute.

 Jakki believes that all human beings are endowed with intuition and that clairvoyance is a skill and not a gift.  She maintains that the key to accessing this inner wisdom is by healing old wounds to connect with the essential wisdom of the Soul. Utilizing energy healing techniques that work with the ancient Indian chakra system, Jakki facilitates a healing process that re-orients individuals and groups down a path of purpose, balance, creativity, health, and prosperity. 

Jakki has witnessed clients make profound changes in their lives by incorporating energy healing practices into their self-care, inspiring her to continue to expand offerings and find meaningful ways to connect with others on the Soul journey. She offers individual and group healing sessions, workshops, and seminars. Jakki lives in Northern California with her husband and three children.